Killarney, Ireland & Hot Springs, Arkansas

What does Killarney, Ireland and Hot Springs, Arkansas have in common?  More than you would expect!  Back on July 4, 2017 we were in Killarney, Ireland not expecting to be able to celebrate our countries Independence day but Oh my gosh! IMG_2442

We arrived at Killarney and checked into our hotel to find all types of celebrations starting up.  The hotel staff were so excited that we were from the States and would be there for the parade.  Parade? Yes, the city was putting on a parade!

I must say they did a pretty good job too!  Even had President Trump! Some how I can’t seem to find the pictures of the 50 state Flags that were paraded past, but I can assure you that when Arkansas past by they were aware there were a few Arkansans in Ireland!  So is it not fair that The First Ever 15th Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade is held in Hot Springs, Arkansas? I should say so! So here is our “Thanks Back To Ya Ireland!”  “We Loved Our Time There”