Do you like fresh off the vine tomatoes? Herbs and vegetables so fresh that the dirt is still on them? Have you ever ate in a greenhouse? At Fridheimar’s Greenhouse in Reykholti, Bláskógabyggõ you can.

Our travel team had a tomato lunch….tomato everything lunch!

We started with the one and only Friðheimar Tomato Soup served on a buffet with sour cream, home baked bread, cucumber salsa, butter and fresh herbs

And then we were served stone baked Tortilla with tomato, fresh basil and Mozzarella. Next course was fresh Ravioli pasta with home made pasta sauce and pesto! Absolutely delicious! And then there was dessert!

Yes that is tomato ice cream! Home made tomato ice cream à la Friðheimar!! I can leave it to your imagination but I will tell you it pretty much was left just like that on the table! I don’t think anybody cared for the tomato Ice Cream!

These are a few shots from around the greenhouse. Flowers and Vegetables were blooming and growing everywhere!

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