Eating in Barcelona Spain

Aside from frequently visiting the Corner Bar, where we found great appetizers and cold beverages we found a couple of very good restaurants.



One being the Los Caracoles, one of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona.  Los Caracoles

HISTORY: In 1835, the Bofarull family founded one of the most charismatic restaurants in the city, Can Bofarull, in the most emblematic part of the Gothic District, near Las Ramblas in Barcelona.


From the street a large spit roaster is constantly tended where the aroma draws patrons into the restaurant.  Upon entering the restaurant you are directed right through the kitchen, talk about up close and personal.  The waitstaff is very friendly and colorful.  The antics between them were hilarious even if you didn’t understand their language.  Looking around as we are escorted to our seats was like going back in time.  The restaurant was full of small rooms upstairs and down in every direction, it was as if the restaurant was several stories high and in two different directions.




Once to our table and handed the menu, the hard part came.  Choosing our entrees.


Our choices were:  Oxtail served deboned with Parmentier Potatoes and Catalan Style Salted Cod.  Each dish was savory and delicious.

Then we topped it off with desserts that were signature dishes of the Los Caracoles, Catalan Style Creme Brûlée and “Los Caracoles” Pyjamas (Peach in syrup, flan and ice cream with nougat.  Yes they were just as mouth watering as they look and sound.  So we give this restaurant two thumbs up.


On our tour of Barcelona the next day, our guide mentioned the 7 Ports restaurant.  As she told of the history, I was like we got to go there.  She was quick to add that may not be possible since we didn’t have reservations.  I looked it up on line and requested reservations, not fully expecting to get a reply or a table. To my surprise we did and we made plans to have dinner at “7 Portes”.

HISTORY:  In the early to mid nineteenth century, a powerful Catalan business man, Josep Xifre, commissioned the Porxos d’em Xifre Building in Passing d’ Isabel II.  When the plans were being drafted, Xifre was very clear that the building should have arcades (“promos” in Catalan) similar to those of the main square of Paris and the emblematic Rue de Rivoli.

The new budding housed Xifre’s home and offices, as well as a large cafe,  This establishment had Seven doors for the public and eighth door for staff and goods.

It wasn’t until 1929 that it was made into a restaurant.  “Restaurant de les 7 Portes” and the establishment became one of the most popular in the city; a meeting place for journalist, intellectuals and politicians among others

As we were led to our table, it was pointed out that we were at the table with Ava Gardner, and that each table was once patronized by famous people.  (Visitor’s book) 


The atmosphere and ambiance of the place was another one of those stepping back in time events.

We began with cocktails and wine.  They have their own label of wines and I found the white to be very nice.

Who knew that you would receive the whole garden when ordering a salad!  And this was for one.  I ordered the Cannelloni de Carne Con Trufas -it was delicious.

And then came the main course:  Bacalao (Salted Cod) and Braised Chicken.

Dessert – why do they serve desserts last?  They are to die for and you usually feel like you are dying by the time they arrive and you have been eating for over an hour!  Flan and ice cream with chocolate sauce with cafe au lait.

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  1. Diane’s July 12, 2018 / 12:40 am

    Sounds like a dream vacation!


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