Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

My most favorite place in the world!  I have been to Rome several times and have visited all the well known sites; the Sistine Chapel, the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, the Parthenon; but just walking around and taking in the surrounding that have been standing for centuries is my all time favorite.  To imagine the world at a different time is like time travel.  Let your imagination soar.

Avignon, France

Avignon, you smell so nice!  We visited this French Village days after the Lavender harvest.  You could smell lavender everywhere.

Shop after shop had everything you could possibly image made from Lavender!


Pictured is the Pope’s Castle from the 1100’s.  Rome was not safe place during those times and the Pope was sent to live in this castle (known as the Papal Palace) until he could return to the Vatican City.  (It was occupied by several popes until 1791) It was used off and on for hundreds of years as either a permanent dwelling or a summer home.


The remains of the 12th century ramparts and the Bridge of Avignon over the River Rhine

Vincent Van Gogh

While in Arles we did take the time to have lunch.  And if you are in France where do you have lunch, nowhere but at Cafe Van Gogh. We sat outside and enjoyed our lunch and wine as we marveled at the sites.  It truly was a magical day as we sat in the very spot of Vincent Van Gogh and ate at the cafe that made his painting come to life.  Van Gogh created his oil on canvas in 1888, and the very spot he sat his easel on is marked by a copy of his painting.  Inside the cafe were more tables and a beautiful bar that was very ornate and truly French!


Arles, France


Arles, France was an absolute picture perfect French Village.  It was exactly what you see in the movies.  I think I could have stayed there for a long, long time.  But….we were only there for a little while, but in that time I tried to capture the essence of the place in pictures.

Montecarlo, Italy


Montecarlo, Italy is a small village in the Tuscany region.  It was reportedly founded in 1333 and has be a part of Florence from 1437.  There was a colosseum like in Rome only smaller. Quant cobblestone streets and shuttered windows.  I was really a perfect little village. We enjoyed walking the streets and seeing the sites but like all excursions we were under time restraints and couldn’t explore very much.

This last picture of “steps” is actually the judgement bench where the Judges sat and handed down punishment and made decisions.